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January 2015 Homepage
Cover Story

New Cold War on the Horizon?
Not Likely, Says German Envoy

a5.cover.germany.wittig.homeAs Germany marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of Soviet communism, it also found itself casting a wary eye toward a resurgent Russia. Read More 

People of World Influence

Lagon Fights for Human Rights
As New Head of Freedom House

a1.powi.lagon.homeMark P. Lagon, a former State Department official with a long record in the fight against human trafficking, starts a new job as president of Freedom House this month. Read More

Saudi Extremism

Islamic State’s Rise Revives
Old Strains in U.S.-Saudi Ties

a2.saudi.pilgrim.masjid.haram.homeThe United States and Saudi Arabia have both set their sights on the Islamic State, but the two erstwhile allies have very different visions for Syria and the larger Middle East. Read More

Latvia Takes Helm

Latvia Takes Over EU Presidency
Amid Fears of Russian Aggression

a3.latvia.razans.riga.homeLike the other Baltics, Latvia has a tortured history with its big neighbor to the east — echoes of which it fears are being resurrected as Russia throws it weight around in Ukraine. Read More

Disaster Differences

Haiti, Indonesia, Philippines Mark
Solemn Disaster Anniversaries

a4.disasters.tsunami.homeIndonesia, Haiti and the Philippines are all marking the anniversaries of wrenching disasters that offer important, and distinct, lessons for overcoming tragedy. Read More

Adoption Hurdles

Americans Hoping to Adopt Abroad
Need Plenty of Patience, Persistence

a6.adoptions.bear.homeFor Americans wanting to adopt a foreign child, patience and persistence are the key to navigating an increasingly unpredictable process. Read More


Too Much of a Good Thing

a7.medical.hyperthyroid.homeHyperthyroidism causes your thyroid, and your metabolism, to go into overdrive — which is a particularly dangerous condition for pregnant women. Read More