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Cover Story

Mexico’s Gutiérrez: Break Down
Bilateral Walls, Don’t Build Them


Gerónimo Gutiérrez Fernández may have the toughest job on Embassy Row. After all, what training prepares any ambassador to represent a country. But Gutiérrez takes pains to differentiate Donald Trump, the man, from the American people who voted him into office, saying that the “average American just wants a respectful, mutually beneficial relationship with Mexico.” Read More

United Nations

Trump’s U.N. Ambassador Survives
Brutal First Year Relatively Unscathed

a1.nikki.haley.homeIn an administration characterized by a tumultuous, chaotic foreign policy, one figure has received reasonably favorable reviews from experts: Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Read More

Putting ‘T’ in Temporary

TPS Ends for Haiti, Nicaragua.
Are Honduras, El Salvador Next?

a2.tps.honduras.homeAs President Trump works to curb immigration to the U.S., his administration is shaking up the the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program that has allowed about 300,000 people from countries such as Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras to set up lives in the U.S. Read More

Franco-German Alliance

Macron, Merkel Navigate Populism,
Russia and the U.S. to Unify Europe

a3.german.franco.macron.merkel.homePresident Trump’s global isolation has brought French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel closer together, creating a Franco-German alliance that seeks to project a united European front in the face of growing populist forces. Read More

Inclusive Peace

Afghanistan Takes Tentative Steps
To Include Women in Peace Process

a5.afghanistan.women.computers.homeAchieving peace between the Afghan government and Taliban has been elusive, fruitless goal. But some experts say a third party is missing in the country’s moribund peace talks: Afghanistan’s women. Read More

Op-Ed: New Nation Branding

In Age of Trump’s Twitter Diplomacy,
Nations Need to Go Beyond Beltway

a6.levick.nation.branding.flags.homeThere’s no mistaking that Trump’s Twitter diplomacy allows him to bypass the media and make a direct appeal to his base. If countries want to effectively navigate Trump’s impetuous nature, they need to build a rapport directly with the American public. Read More


Will Artificial Intelligence Be
Part of Your Health Care Team?

a7.medical.artificial.intelligence.homeArtificial intelligence is assuming a greater role in many walks of life, with research suggesting it may even help doctors diagnose disease. One new study is the latest to delve into the idea of using artificial intelligence to improve medical diagnoses. Read More