Letter to the editor


To Larry Luxner et all,

While I enjoyed reading your article, “From immigrants’ daughter to nation’s top jobs official”, in this month’s Washington Diplomat, I couldn’t help but be repulsed by the title. The wording clearly implies that Secretary Solis has risen up the ladder—from “immigrants’ daughter” to “Nation’s top jobs official”—as if she has somehow buried a past less prestigious than her current position. Based on your article, I think you agree that in fact the wonderful point about her story is that she is able to be both at once. Moreover, using “immigrants’ daughter” as a way to imply socioeconomic background is an oversimplification, as immigrants to the US are of many different social and economic backgrounds. She will never lose her identity as the daughter of Juana Sequeira and Rau’l Solis, and it would serve the point of the article much better to underscore this with an appropriate title.

Respectfully yours,
Paola Eisner