March 2014 Homepage

March 2014 Homepage
Cover Story

Tunisia: ‘Candle in the Dark’
That Lit Arab Spark Finds Its Way

a4.tunisia.chelaifa.nusacc.homeTunisia lit the spark of revolution that engulfed the Arab world, although unlike Syria, Egypt and Libya, it has emerged relatively unscathed, having recently passed a new constitution. But the country’s new ambassador warns that the story of the Arab Spring is far from written. Read More 

People of World Influence

Ex-Lawmaker Sounds Alarm
On Wildlife Poaching Epidemic

a1.powi.tanner.rhinos.homeFormer Rep. John Tanner (D-Tenn.) has joined a bipartisan roster of officials sounding the alarm about wildlife poaching, which is no longer seen as just an environmental issue, but as a worldwide security threat. Read More

International Affairs

Botswana, Tanzania ‘Diplomatic Sisters’ Share Different Kind of Africa Story

a2.botswana.tanzania.women.homeIn a continent of grim headlines, Botswana and Tanzania share a determination to show the world a different side of Africa — a story of success embodied by each nation’s equally determined ambassador. Read More

International Relations

Democrats Give Obama Cold Shoulder
On Trade Promotion Authority President Obama wants to secure “fast track” authority for free trade deals with Pacific Rim and European Union nations, the road goes through Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — and it’s already shaping up to be a bumpy ride. Read More

The Rotunda: Foreign Affairs on Capitol Hill

Kerry Gives Obama
Something to Talk About

a5.rotunda.kerry.sotu.homeThe list of foreign policy achievements that President Obama ticked off in his State of the Union speech can largely be attributed to his indefatigable secretary of state, John Kerry. Read More


Ex-Honduran Army Chief Recasts
Himself as Political Crusader

a6.honduras.general.valesquez.homeRomeo Orlando Vásquez Velásquez worked closely with Americans as head of the Honduran Armed Forces, but he’s been left out in the cold by Washington since his troops deposed the country’s former president. Read More


Gradual Exposure May Reduce
Risk for Kids with Peanut Allergies

a7.medical.peanut.allergy.homePeanut allergies in children have skyrocketed, with no clear explanation as to why, but new research shows that gradual exposure may offer some kids protection against potentially fatal reactions. Read More