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November 2013 Homepage
Cover Story

Restoring Order in Mali:
The West vs. Radical Islam

a5.cover.mali.keita.homeThe Islamists have been driven out, the country reunited, and democracy restored, but has Mali really recovered from its breakdown last year — and can peace return to this battleground of the West versus radical Islam? Read More  • Also See: Risk-Taking Photographer Documents Timbuktu’s Endangered Islamic Culture

People of World Influence

Institute President Navigates
Shifting Terrain of Middle East

a1.powi.chamberlin.homeWendy Chamberlin has kept the Middle East Institute at the forefront of the changes sweeping the Arab world, while reminding Americans that there’s more to the region than turmoil and terrorism. Read More

Democracy Promotion

Obama: Defender of Democracy
Or Ambivalent Bystander?

a2.mideast.democracy.cairo.homePresident Obama has eschewed the expansive vision of democracy promotion pushed by his predecessor, but the Arab Spring is testing Obama’s resolve to avoid imposing our values on other nations. Read More

The Rotunda: Foreign Affairs on Capitol Hill

Minority Rule: Democratic Safeguard
Or Source of Political Dysfunction?

a3.rotunda.shutdown.capitol.homeThe U.S. government shutdown was a pathetic display of partisanship, but it also showed that the checks and balances America’s founding fathers put in place more than 200 years ago are alive and well. Read More

EU Newbie

Post-EU Croatia Experiences
Growing Pains, and Compromise

a4.croatia.accession.eu.homeThey went to sleep Croats and woke up Europeans, but the transition of becoming the 28th member of the European Union hasn’t been completely smooth for Croatia, revealing the bloc’s ongoing growing pains. Read More

Source of Frustration

U.S. Journalists Don’t Always
Go Straight to the (Foreign) Source

a6.foreign.sources.obama.homeWhen American journalists need expert analysis on countries from Albania to Zimbabwe, they don’t always look beyond their borders — or the Beltway — for help. Read More

JFK’s Path

What JFK Could Teach
Senators Eyeing Presidency

a7.kennedy.speech.homeJohn F. Kennedy might not recognize the modern U.S. Senate, but he’d surely recognize the political aspirations of a number of senators eyeing the presidency. Read More