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October 2014 Homepage

October 2014 Homepage
Cover Story

Ford Doesn’t Mince Words
About U.S. Failures in Syria

a6.cover.ford.soldiers.homeU.S. Ambassador Robert S. Ford faced down angry protesters for supporting the opposition when Syria’s civil war broke out. Then he turned his own anger on Washington, quitting a 30-year career to protest U.S. inaction in the face of appalling atrocities. Read More 

People of World Influence

To Figure Out Middle East,
Professor Polls the People

a1.powi.telhami.soldier.homeShibley Telhami has been trying to figure out the Middle East by going straight to the source for more than two decades. Read More

ISIS’s Appeal

Islamic State Foreign Fighters
Prompt Look at Radicalization

a2.isis.raqi.insurgents.homeThe Islamic State’s ideological appeal has attracted hundreds of foreign fighters to its ruthless cause, alarming governments around the world. Read More

Kurds to the Rescue

Kurds Take Center Stage
In Battle Against ISIS

a3.kurdistan.kerry.homeAfter dreaming of independence for nearly a century, the Kurds are emerging as the West’s great white hope to drive the Islamic State out of Iraq. Read More


Fluency Varies in Language
Of 21st-Century Diplomacy

a4.undiplomatic.language.meeting.homeThe language of 21st-century diplomacy can be fluid and unforgiving, but why is there such a disparity between blunt private talk and vanilla public statements? And why are diplomats in some parts of the world more “undiplomatic” than others? Read More

All Aboard!

U.S. Ports Need Investment to Handle
Growing Volume of Cargo Traffic

a5.ports.baltimore.homeFrom the Chesapeake Bay to New Orleans the Pacific Northwest, U.S. ports are handling record cargo volumes, and calling for an influx of investment to sustain the growth. Read More

Obama’s Inner Circle

Three Ex-Top Obama Officials
Shed Light on His Presidency

a7.book.review.obama.homeThree members of Barack Obama’s inner circle — Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Timothy Geithner — have released memoirs that shed light on a complex presidency. Read More


HIV/AIDS Becomes Different
Kind of Disease for Survivors

a8.medical.hiv.aids.homeThe evolution of HIV/AIDS from a death sentence less than 20 years ago into a manageable chronic disease has brought with it what health experts call a “great problem to have.” Read More