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September 2013 Homepage
Cover Story

Syrian Envoy Najib Ghadbian
Fights Assad from Washington

a5.syria.ghadbian.homeNajib Ghadbian went from teaching students the complexities of the Middle East at the University of Arkansas to grappling with those complexities firsthand as the Washington envoy for a coalition of rebels battling to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Read More

People of World Influence

Ex-CIA, NSA Chief Defends
U.S. Intelligence Gathering

a1.powi.hayden.homeMichael Hayden instituted an era of cyber-savvy at the NSA and has since become one of the spy agency’s most vigorous defenders in the wake of Edward Snowden’s explosive leaks. Read More


Mock U.N. Session Becomes
Real-Life Crisis as Teen Vanishes

a2.jesse.ross.promo.homeThey called it an “emergency” U.N. Security Council session but no one had any idea it would lead to a real crisis when a 19-year-old college sophomore vanished into thin air. Read More


Protocol Chief Marshall Bids
Farewell to Diplomatic Corps

a3.marshall.italy.homeCapricia Marshall is hanging up her hat as protocol chief, having been on the front lines and behind the scenes of America’s diplomatic engagement at home and abroad for the last four years. Read More

The Rotunda

Will Congress Put Obama’s Push
To Shutter Gitmo on Lockdown?

a4.rotunda.gitmo.cell.homePresident Obama pledged to close Guantanamo Bay back in 2008. Today, 166 detainees remain in Gitmo as an enduring blight of the post-9/11 war on terror. Read More


Productivity, Social Responsibility
Drive Guatemalan Export Profits

a6.guatemala.canecutter.homeGuatemala has been raking in profits from its sugar, banana and palm oil industries by investing in its workers. Read More


National Guard Partnerships
Fortify Ties With 65 Countries

a7.national.guard.estonia.homeThe Red Scare is no longer the main fear that drives U.S. foreign policy, but one important Cold War legacy lives on with the National Guard’s State Partnership Program. Read More


Is There a Doctor
In the Kitchen?

a8.medical.nutrition.homeDoctors are always reminding their patients to eat healthy — even though their own nutrition know-how is surprisingly wafer-thin. Read More