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September 2019 Homepage
Cover Story

India Turmoil, Afghan Talks May Be
Diplomatic Opportunities for Pakistan

a4.cover.pakistan.khan.homeIt’s been a busy few months for Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan since he arrived in January. As Pakistan joins the U.S.-led peace talks on Afghanistan, it’s also dealing with the fallout of India’s decision to scrap Kashmir’s autonomy, which may present Khan’s government with a diplomatic opening to debunk President Trump’s one-time assertion that Islamabad is full of “nothing but lies & deceit.” Read More

People of World Influence

Ex-Envoy to Spain Reflects on
Importance of U.S. Embassies

a1.powi.solomont.spain.activist.homeAlan Solomont, the former U.S. envoy to Spain, talks about pulling Spain back from economic calamity, the pros and cons of political ambassadors, the underappreciated value of U.S. embassies and the desperate need for civics in today’s toxic political climate. Read More

Arabia’s ‘Near Abroad’

Gulf Rivalries Play Out in Horn
of Africa, with Deadly Consequences


Situated on one of the world’s most vital shipping lanes, the Horn of Africa is fast becoming one of the world’s most contested regions, as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and other actors vie for power and profit. Read More

Cascading Competition

Mekong River in Southeast Asia,
Becomes Geopolitical Battleground

a3.china.mekong.cambodia.rice.homeThe Mekong River, Southeast Asia’s economic and trade lifeline, has become the latest strategic battleground in the tug of war for influence between China and the United States. Read More

Institutional Limits

Nestor Mendez Discusses OAS
Priorities in Wake of Several Crises

a5.oes.mendez.venezuela.homeNestor Mendez, assistant secretary-general of the Organization of American States, admits that the OAS has little power to influence events in Venezuela, but he insists that the bloc’s moral authority is making a difference. Read More

Global Vantage Point

Op-ed: U.N. Peacekeeping Missions
Are Little More than Band-Aids

a6.peacekeeping.cypriots.homePeacekeepers have been given mandates that are impossible to accomplish because it has become a way for rich countries to send the soldiers of poor countries off to deal with wars the rich countries do not care about. Read More


Depression, Alzheimer’s Might Be
Same Process in Some Aging Brains

a7.medical.alzeheimers.homeNew research is untangling the complex relationship between symptoms of depression and losses in memory and thinking that often emerge together with Alzheimer’s disease. Read More