April 2019 Homepage

April 2019 Homepage
Cover Story

Moldova’s Fragile Democracy
Tested by Geopolitics, Corruption

a4.molodova.election.posters.homeMoldovan Ambassador Cristina Balan is proud of the recent economic strides her government has made but concerned about the country’s future in the wake of Russian muscle-flexing in the region, the frozen and costly conflict in Transnistria and multibillion-dollar banking scandals that have exposed how entrenched corruption is in the former Soviet Republic. Read More

Special Report

Female Ambassadors to U.S. Make
Strides, Although Progress Uneven

a1.women.diplomacy.gwu.main.homeThe #MeToo movement has exposed sexism in all walks of life, from Hollywood to the halls of Congress. But progress in tackling gender inequality has been uneven — and that extends to the male-dominated world of diplomacy. In an in-depth report, we talk to Washington’s female ambassadors to gain their personal insights on what it’s like to be a woman in diplomacy today. Read More

The Forgotten Masses

Syria’s Refugees Feel the Push-Pull
Battle of Whether to Stay or Go Home


After eight years of a war, around half of Syria’s population is now displaced. But as the welcome mat for these struggling masses begins to wear thin in overburdened countries, Syria’s refugees face an impossible dilemma: stay where they’re not wanted or return to a home that no longer exists. Read More

African Staying Power

Africa’s Longest-Serving Leaders
Stay Put While Lining Their Pockets

a2.africa.democratic.congo.militia.homeAfrica has some of the longest-serving leaders in the world — and some of the richest, while many of their people live in poverty — all of which begs the question: How long is too long to stay in power? Read More

Gender Politics

Six Female Ambassadors Reflect on
Strides, Hurdles for Women in Politics

a5.women.politics.group.american.homeRosemary Banks, New Zealand’s ambassador to the U.S., and five other women ambassadors to the U.S. led the talk on women’s participation in politics in their countries. The accounts of the ambassadors of Albania, El Salvador, Finland, Kosovo, New Zealand and Sweden were bittersweet. Read More

In Memoriam

Thai Ambassador to the U.S.
Virachai Plasai Dies at 58

obit.virachai.plasai.homeVirachai Plasai, ambassador of Thailand to the United States, died on March 16 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md., where he was being treated for myelodysplastic syndrome, a type of cancer that affects blood cells in the bone marrow. He was 58. Read More


Since 1990s, Heart Attacks Have Fallen
One-Third Among Older Americans

a6.medical.heart.seniors.homeAA groundbreaking new study holds heartening news for older Americans. Since the mid-1990s, the number of seniors who suffered a heart attack or died from one dropped dramatically — evidence that campaigns to prevent heart attacks and improve patient care are paying off. Read More