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December 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

As Tensions Churn on the High Seas,
Filipinos Find Peace on Another Front

a5.philippines.cuisia.homeOn the one hand, as the Philippines ends a secessionist guerrilla war, it’s also facing a resurgent China and finding friendship with the U.S. in the island disputes roiling the Southeast Asia. Read More

People of World Influence

Envoy Looks to Moderate, Modernize
Organization of Islamic Cooperation

a1.powi.gokcen.homeUfuk Gokcen of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation spends an equal amount of time promoting the OIC’s work as he does dispelling misconceptions about the group. Read More

International Affairs

After Historic Fight for Freedom,
Hungary’s Envoy Denies ‘Backsliding’

a2.hungary.szapary.homeThis year, Hungary has been celebrating 90 years of diplomatic ties with the U.S., but many of the nation’s 10 million inhabitants are more divided than ever. Read More


Viral Video Put Kony on the Map,
Though Warlord Remains at Large

a3.kony.uganda.mother.homeEight months after Joseph Kony became a household name when a video documenting his war crimes went viral, the notorious warlord remains at large, though the group that made him a household name has resurfaced. Read More


For UAE, It’s Better
To Give Than to Receive

a4.UAE.charity.otaiba.homeThe United Arab Emirates has quietly become one of the world’s largest foreign aid donors and one of D.C.’s biggest philanthropic givers. Read More


Korea Reclaims Former Embassy
Lost to Japan Over 100 Years Ago

a6.korea.japan.now.homeA stately redbrick house in D.C.’s Logan Circle neighborhood has become a powerful symbol in the difficult history that underpins relations between Japan and South Korea. Read More


Neural Stem Cells Show Promise
In Treating Rare Brain Disease

a7.medical.embryonic.stem.cells.homeTantalizing news has emerged about the prospect of using stem cells to treat a rare, highly debilitating brain disorder that currently has no treatment or cure. Read More