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December 2014 Homepage
Cover Story

Three ‘Ebola Ambassadors’
Discuss Death, Determination

a4.ebola.tent.cdc.homeThe ambassadors of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea sit down with The Diplomat to talk about the Ebola epidemic, how it has changed their three nations and what the world needs to do to stop it. Read More 

People of World Influence

Respected U.S. Political Watcher
Sees More Gridlock Ahead

a1.powi.rothenberg.homeRespected political commentator Stuart Rothenberg talks about what the recent election means for America’s political paralysis, the next Congress, the final two years of the Obama presidency and his foreign policy agenda. Read More


High-Speed Rail: Everyone’s
All Aboard, Except America

a2.rail.speed.shinkansen.homeFifty years after Japan introduced the world’s first bullet train, a multitude of countries around the world are investing in high-speed rail, while progress in the United States has stalled. Read More

Food Security

Despite Food Security Gains,
Parts of World Remain Hungry

a3.food.hunger.bags.homeAbout 805 million people — more than one-ninth of the world’s population — suffer from chronic hunger, yet other parts of the world are dying of gluttony. These incongruities define the changing face of hunger in the 21st century. Read More

Book Review

Internecine Warfare Hobbles
Australia in ‘Triumph and Demise’

a5.book.review.triumph.home“Triumph and Demise: The Broken Promise of a Labor Generation” chronicles the internecine warfare in Australian politics that combines Shakespearean tragedy with 21st-century political farce. Read More

The Other Half

Four Wives and a Husband Talk
About Life as Diplomatic Spouses

a6.meridian.spouses.homeFrom Vienna to the Vatican, the experiences of diplomatic spouses are as varied as the foreign capitals to which their husbands and wives are posted. Five such spouses shared their stories recently at the Meridian International Center. Read More


Hidden Hypothyroidism:
Should You Be Screened?

a7.medical.thyroid.illo.homeFor a long time, hypothyroidism — estimated to affect as much as 3 percent to 5 percent of the U.S. population — was an under-recognized problem, but that seems to be changing. Read More