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December 2016 Homepage
EXCLUSIVE: Cover Story

Havana Basks in Renewed Ties with
D.C., But Will Honeymoon Last?

a4.cuba.store.homeCuban Ambassador José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez, in his first-ever exclusive interview with any U.S. media outlet, talks about President Obama’s historic détente with America’s former Cold War adversary — and whether Donald Trump will put a chill on Washington’s warming relations with Havana. Read More


As Trump Takes Office, Obama’s
Legacy is on Chopping Block

a1.obama.regulations.homeAs the 44th president packs up his belongings to start a new life, Barack Obama is not only leaving behind the cushy confines of the White House, he’s also leaving behind a historic — yet highly vulnerable — legacy. The big question now is: How much of it will Donald Trump undo? Read More

Verdict Still Out

U.S. Officials Fear Law That
Opens Saudi Arabia to 9/11 Lawsuits

a2.saudi.911.lawsuit.memorial.homeIn a case of good intentions versus smart foreign policy, the jury is still out on whether a controversial law allowing the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia will invite retaliatory action abroad and open the door for other nations to haul American troops and diplomats into their courts. Read More

Nuclear Limbo

What Will Trump Do to
Historic Accord with Iran?

a3.iran.nuclear.kerry.homeDuring his vitriolic campaign for president, Donald Trump promised to make many bold moves which makes one wonder what fate has in store for Obama’s biggest foreign policy achievement of all: a nuclear agreement with Iran that Trump scorned as “disastrous” and “the worst deal ever negotiated in the history of the United States.” Read More

Lame Duck Checklist

Congress Has Two Weeks to Wrap
Up Agenda Before Trump Takes Over

a5.lame.duck.congress.senate.homeWith just two weeks of legislating left this year, preventing a government shutdown, imposing Iran sanctions and speeding up biomedical research are at the top of the short list to finish off the 114th Congress. Read More

Poland’s Draconian Law

Abortion Law Tests Limits of
Poland’s Conservative Government

a6.poland.abortions.homeIn October, tens of thousands of Polish women donned black outfits and took to the streets of Warsaw and other cities to protest a draft law initially supported by the right-wing government that would have banned virtually all abortions in the country. Their passionate public display of solidarity worked. Read More

Bold Fashion Statement

‘Diplomacy By Design’ Examines
What Clothes Say About Us

a7.fashion.diplomacy1.home“Fashion is everywhere,” said U.S. Protocol Chief Peter Selfridge, whose office co-hosted a first-ever “Diplomacy by Design” event with Elle magazine to showcase the universal power of fashion to transcend borders and politics. Read More