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February 2015 Homepage

February 2015 Homepage
Cover Story

Elections Come at Critical Time
For Beleaguered Nigeria

a6.nigeria.lagos.homeNigerians head to the polls as an Islamist insurgency and sectarian tensions threaten to divide Africa’s most populous nation and its biggest economy. Read More 

People of World Influence

Former U.S. Mideast Envoy Sees
Libya Spiraling Out of Control

a1.powi.mack.homeThe Middle East Institute’s David Mack, who worked in Benghazi in the 1970s, says the under-the-radar unraveling of Libya is likely to re-emerge as a global priority in 2015. Read More

France Mourns

New French Ambassador Thrust
Into Spotlight After Paris Attacks

a2.france.attacks.march.homeFrench Ambassador Gérard Araud has become an outlet for the grief and outrage many in the U.S. felt after the Paris terrorist attacks that left 17 dead and stunned the world. Read More

The Kim Enigma

World Tries to Decipher Enigma
Of North Korea’s Latest ‘Leader’

a3.north.korea.sung.il.homeEccentric, enigmatic, buffoonish and dangerous: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is a mass of contradictions — and a mystery to much of the world. Read More

Cold War Redux

Putin’s Russia and Castro’s Cuba
Shape Obama’s Post-Cold War Legacy

a4.cuba.interests.russia.homeBarack Obama may well be remembered by history as the president who was forced to confront one Cold War adversary, Russia, while re-establishing full diplomatic relations with another, Cuba. Read More

The New Congress

Obama and New GOP Congress:
Conflict or Cooperation Ahead?

a5.congress.obama.hands.homeAs Republicans take over Congress and Obama looks to the last two years of his presidency, will U.S. politics be marked by cooperation or conflict? Read More

Toll of Terrorism

As Global Terrorist Attacks Surge,
Governments Struggle for Answers

a7.terrorism.chibok.nigeria.homeThe recent carnage in Pakistan and Nigeria is a reminder that terrorism is on the uptick — and countries least equipped to handle it are bearing the brunt of it. Read More

‘Tyranny of Silence’

Author Slams ‘Tyranny of Silence’
Surrounding Islamic Cartoon Crisis

a8.tyranny.silence.homeThe terrorist attacks in Paris brought back painful memories for Flemming Rose, who’s been marked for death ever since he printed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad nine years ago. ReadMore

Bangladeshi Justice

Bangladesh Presses United States
To Return Alleged War Criminal

a9.bangladesh.stairs.homeBangladesh has launched an aggressive campaign to convince the U.S. to extradite a suspected war criminal accused of slaughtering the family of the country’s prime minister. Read More