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January 2020 Homepage
Cover Story

Bhutan Raises Its U.S. Profile,
Even Without an Embassy in D.C.

a4.cover.bhutan.silk.road.homeBhutan is one of only a handful of countries without an embassy in Washington, D.C., or even diplomatic relations with the U.S. But what the Maryland-size Buddhist nation does have is an ambitious nonprofit that seeks to strengthen bilateral ties and teach Americans about this isolated yet intriguing Himalayan mountain kingdom. Read More

What Voters Think

Foreign Policy Polls Show Americans
Want Restraint, Not Retreat

a1.polls.trump.simulation.homeIf there’s one word that will never be used to describe the Trump presidency, it’s “predictable.” Yet on foreign policy, Trump has been relatively consistent, embracing a transactional, “America First” approach. And while the prevailing narrative is that most Americans support this global retrenchment, the picture is more nuanced, according to several new polls. Read More

Rakhine Convulses, Again

Arakan Insurgency Against
Myanmar Forces Intensifies


As the world’s attention turns once again to the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, another conflict is brewing in the troubled state — this one between government forces and Buddhist guerillas known as the Arakan Army. Read More

Selling Dependability

Envoy Stresses Reliability
Of U.S. Weapons Sales

a3.military.cooper.meridian.homeR. Clarke Cooper, who oversees security assistance as head of political-military affairs at the State Department, acknowledges that doubts have emerged about American reliability he insists that the U.S. remains an indispensable and dependable security partner. Read More

Women under Threat

Instability, Long-Held Stereotypes
Threaten Latin America’s Women

a5.oas.latin.honduras.woman.homeAfter decades of colonialism and military coups, Latin America has made tremendous strides in ushering in democracy and economic reforms. But another important area of Latin American life is often overlooked: the progress — or lack thereof — of its women. Read More