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October 2016 Homepage
Cover Story

Young New Envoy Pledges Progress
For Afghans — And Americans

a5.cover.afghanistan.talking.homeThe longest war in U.S. history is being waged in a country whose ambassador is the youngest in Washington. Put another way, American troops have been fighting in Afghanistan for 15 years this month — nearly half the life of its 32-year-old envoy here, Hamdullah Mohib, a former refugee and computer specialist who’s now fighting against American apathy while his homeland tries to rebuild. Read More

People of World Influence

Former Defense Secretary Gates
Offers Lessons in Leadership

a1.powi.gates.home“Reform is not a luxury but a necessity,” writes Robert Gates, the former CIA director and defense secretary whose latest book, “A Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform from Fifty Years of Public Service,” offers instructive advice for whoever becomes America’s next leader. Rea/d More

Clinton: Consummate Insider

Hawkish Ex-Secretary of State
Vows to Work with Allies

a2.clinton.campaign.sign.homeArmed with an extensive foreign policy portfolio and a hawkish worldview, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton is positioning herself as the dependable choice to steer America through a dangerously unpredictable time. Read More

Trump: Unapologetic Outsider

Immigration Anchors GOP
Candidate’s Foreign Policy Platform

a3.trump.campaign.point.homeDonald Trump catapulted to the national stage last year on a platform driven by one major foreign policy issue: immigration. Since then, the GOP presidential nominee has kept the topic at the forefront of his campaign, although his specific policies remain broadly sketched nativist calls shaped around his claim that he alone will “Make America Great Again.” Read More

Presidential Firsts

Caveat Elector: Careful
Who You Vote For

a4.firsts.trump.reagan.homeThe U.S. presidential election would mark the culmination of an unprecedented, unpredictable, flat-out bizarre campaign that many voters just want to be over. But as much as American politicians like to tout the country’s exceptionalism, when it comes to presidential firsts, the rest of the world has been there, done that — and might have a few lessons for Americans to learn. Read More

Cuban Realities

Cuba Opens to American Travelers,
But Change Won’t Come Overnight

a6.cuba.horse.buggy.homeSANTA CLARA, Cuba — On Aug. 31, JetBlue became the first airline ever to offer direct commercial jet service between the United States and Cuba, when its flight from Fort Lauderdale touched down at Santa Clara’s Abel Santamaría International Airport. The flight, marked with speeches, water-cannon salutes, ribbon cuttings and parties at both ends, symbolizes a historic long-term commitment to providing low-cost service between the two former adversaries. Read More

Diplomatic Survey

Online Poll Surveys Ambassadors’
Opinions of Candidates, U.S. Election

a7.hill.survey.white.house.homeWhen it comes to diplomats commenting on the U.S. election, they don’t. That’s not to say they don’t have an opinion. A recent poll conducted on behalf of The Washington Diplomat sampled roughly 30 ambassadors from June 27 to July 29 and found an overwhelming majority — 60 percent versus 7 percent — would vote for Clinton over Trump if given the chance. Read More


Tighter Blood Pressure Control

Could Save 100,000 U.S. Lives: Study

a8.medical.blood.pressure.home2Engaging Americans at high risk for heart disease in aggressive efforts to lower their blood pressure could save more than 100,000 lives a year, a new analysis indicates. Read More