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February 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

ANC Turns 100, But Has
South Africa Come of Age?

a4.southafrica.homeAs South Africa’s African National Congress marks its centennial this year, the celebrations have been tinged with doubts as to whether the country has matured into a full-fledged democracy, or is regressing on its principled past. Read More

People of World Influence

Lawyer-Turned-Scholar Examines
Latin Security, Social Challenges

a1.powi.homeFrom laboring as a trade lawyer, to laboring on behalf of refugees displaced by civil war, Diana Villiers Negroponte has spent nearly a lifetime examining what makes Latin America tick. Read More

International Affairs

North Koreans Hungry — For
Change, But Mostly for Food

a2.korea.homeAs the world deciphers what’s happening inside North Korea in the wake Kim Jong-il’s death, hunger is the more immediate concern on most North Korean minds. Read More

International Relations

Is Iran’s Latin ‘Tour of Tyrants’
A Desperate Flyby for Friends?

a3.iran.homeIran’s love-fest with leftist Latin nations has panicked some U.S. policymakers, but is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s latest “tour of tyrants” just a lonely cry for international friends? Read More

International Affairs

Correcting Corrections Worldwide:
Best Practices Reforming Prisons

a5.corrections.homeThe state of some of the world’s prisons is almost a criminal offense, but a growing science-based movement is unleashing new ideas about how to keep both inmates and society safe. Read More
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Book Review

‘From Deliberation to Dysfunction’
Probes Senate’s Debilitating Paralysis

a6.bookreview.home“The U.S. Senate: From Deliberation to Dysfunction” dissects the arcane rules and complex procedures that have led to political paralysis in the upper chamber of Congress. Read More


Institute for Education Courts
Big Players to Revive Civility

a7.ife.homeAfter 20 years, the Institute for Education has become a novelty in today’s heated political climate, serving as a bastion of civility in a culture rife with polarization and partisanship. Read More