July 2012 Homepage

July 2012 Homepage
Cover Story

Singapore’s Ambassador Chan
Says Goodbye After 16 Years

a5.singapore.chee.homeBefore her official departure this month, Ambassador Chan Heng Chee of Singapore reflects on her 16 years in Washington and the astounding changes she’s witnessed, both here and back home. Read More

People of World Influence

Harman Trades ‘Blood Sport’
Of Politics for Scholarly Center

a1.powi.harman.homeAfter establishing herself as a fierce player in the rough-and-tumble game of Beltway politics, former Rep. Jane Harman has found bipartisan sanctuary as head of the Wilson Center. Read More


Cash-Strapped Greeks Stuck
Between Rock and Hard Place

a2.greece.debt.euro.wall.homeA decade after the euro’s introduction, the common currency is facing an unprecedented existential crisis, as the European Union grapples with ways to prop up its sickest members. Read More

Bilateral Relations

As Russia Joins Trade Bloc,
Cold War Law Hampers U.S.

a3.jackson.vanik.russia.homeJuly 4th is traditionally a day of fireworks in the U.S., but this year, there could be different sparks flying on July 4th as the Russian parliament votes to ratify accession to the World Trade Organization. Read More


Will New Face of Mexico
Be Ghost From Its Past?

a4.mexico.city.palacio.homeMexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party is poised for a comeback, but does that also signal the return of the corruption and authoritarianism that pervaded the country for 70 years? Read More


Diplomats Crave Insights
Into Paralyzed Congress

a6.john.shaw.blue.duck1.homeAs diplomats wrestle with the partisan dysfunction that’s crippled U.S. politics, we tapped our resident congressional expert John Shaw to help explain what role — if any — foreign policy will play on Capitol Hill. Read More


Ex Vivo Transplants Give
Rejected Lungs New Life

a7.medical.lungs.xray.homeExtraordinary new technology is breathing new life into lungs once thought too damaged to be used in transplants. Read More