July 2017 Homepage

July 2017 Homepage
Cover Story

Envoy: Islamabad Wants to Continue
‘Exceptional Relationship’ with U.S.

a5.cover.pakistan.chaudhry.homeDonald Trump has vacillated between calling Pakistan a nation of “betrayal and disrespect” to a “fantastic place of fantastic people.” The president’s malleable foreign policy views aside, Islamabad’s envoy to the U.S., Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, is steadfast in his belief that despite their many differences, Pakistan and the U.S. can maintain their “exceptional relationship” and even bring stability to the conflict-prone region. Read More

People of World Influence

Professor Wonders If Allies Should
Continue to Trust U.S. Under Trump

a1.powi.toft.homeProfessor Monica Duffy Toft, director of the newly established Center for Strategic Studies at Tufts University, says Donald Trump’s many foreign policy flip-flops and his “America first” agenda have left allies from Europe to Asia wondering where they fit into the president’s hierarchy of priorities. Read More

Russia’s Reluctant Star

Russian Ambassador Thrust into
Political Scandal Akin to Watergate

a2.russia.kislyak.homeRussian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak has been a fiercely unapologetic, if affable, voice for the Kremlin’s policies in the U.S. since 2008, but the low-key diplomat now finds himself thrust into the center of one of the worst political scandals to hit D.C. since Watergate. Read More

The Pentagon’s Power

The Pros and Cons of Trump Giving
The Defense Department More Power

a3.pentagon.trump.heros.homePresident Trump holds his generals in high esteem and has shown it by giving the Defense Department wide latitude over decision making, which has far-reaching implications for U.S. foreign policy in places ranging from Afghanistan to Yemen. Read More

All Roads Lead to Beijing

Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative
Is Ambitious, Maybe Too Ambitious

a4.china.belt.road.train.homeIn 2013, China introduced the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a grand vision of regional connectivity through infrastructure projects with global reach. BRI is President Xi Jinping’s signature foreign policy vision, aimed at increasing China’s stature as a world leader. But it is also an ambitious undertaking with enormous risks and rewards. Read More

Voice for the Vulnerable

Refugees International’s Schwartz To
Aim Focus Back on Humanitarianism

a6.refugee.schwartz.congo.homeIn June, Refugees International — an independent advocacy group whose board has boasted the likes of George Soros and Queen Noor of Jordan — announced the appointment of its new president, Eric Schwartz, a seasoned diplomat with a three-decade career and a passion to put humanitarianism back on the world’s radar. Read More

Global Vantage Point

Op-Ed: Choices Made in War Can
Lead to Lifetime of Invisible Wounds

a7.hoopers.war.bunker.hill.home“My guilt will never go away,” former Marine and now veteran advocate Matthew Hoh explained. Somewhere in that sentence I found the voice of Lt. Nate Hooper, the main character in my new book, “Hooper’s War: A Novel of World War II Japan.” He was going to teach me about moral injury in war. Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Global Vantage Point

Op-ed: (Satirical) Advice for Tillerson
As He Reorganizes State Department

a9.oped.tillerson.qatar.homeYou have to feel sorry for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. When God told him to accept the job, there was no explanation of what it entailed. Having no experience in government, and his time in uniform having ended after he made Eagle Scout, he is only able to draw on his experience in the energy business. Read More


Nearly 10 Million U.S. Adults
Suffer from Mental Illness

a8.medical.mental.illness.homeNearly 10 million American adults have a serious mental illness, and a similar number have considered suicide during the past year, according to a new government report. Despite the growing number of Americans with mental health problems, about a third of those who need help aren’t getting it, said researcher Dr. Beth Han. Read More