October Homepage

October Homepage
Cover Story

Long-Neglected Somalia
Comes in From the Cold

a5.cover.somalia.child.homeSomalia doesn’t have much of an embassy here. But after 24 years in the dark, it does have an ambassador at last: Ahmed Isse Awad, who has his work cut out for him rebuilding its mission in the D.C. and America’s ties with his war-ravaged homeland. Read More 

People of World Influence

Ex-Senator Continues Dogged Pursuit
To Rid World of Nuclear Weapons

a1.powi.nunn.turner.douglas.homeSam Nunn left the Senate after four terms, saying he no longer had “zest and enthusiasm” for the job. Fortunately, the pragmatic lawmaker never lost his enthusiasm for ridding the world of nuclear weapons. Read More

Yemen Cold Shoulder

Compassion Fatigue Sets In
As Yemen Spirals Out of Control

a2.yemen.school.homeIn Yemen, an entire generation is on the verge of being lost to hunger and violence as factions jockey for influence and territory. Yet Yemen remains one of the most underfunded humanitarian crises in the world. Read More

Political Circus

The City Built Upon
A Steep, Expensive Hill


The costly, drawn-out American electoral process is a spectacle that inspires admiration and disgust around the world. Read More

Training Tug of War

U.S. Efforts to Train
Syrian Rebels in Disarray

a4.syrian.rebels.flacon.homeCritics say Obama’s plan to train Syrian rebels is too little, too late to make a dent in Syria’s civil war. Supporters counter that it’s too soon to write off an audacious undertaking that has yet to get off the ground. Read More

Trafficking Fracas

State Department Faces Backlash
Over ‘Politicized’ Trafficking Report

a6.trafficking.displaced.rohingya.homeA bureaucratic rite of passage sparked an unusually fierce backlash this year when the State Department’s 2015 trafficking report came under fire for putting politics ahead of principle. Read More

Book Review

Pundit Boils America’s Role Down
To Three Choices in ‘Superpower’

a7.book.review.ian.bremmer.homeIan Bremmer dissects U.S. foreign policy and the failures of past presidents in “Superpower: Three Choices for America’s Role in the World.” Read More


Adult Obesity Rate Tops
30 Percent in Half of U.S. States

a8.medical.obesity.homeObesity plagues millions of Americans, but the epidemic is spread disproportionately throughout the country, with the South and Midwest reporting some of the highest rates. Read More