September Homepage

September Homepage
Cover Story

France’s Blunt Envoy Speaks Out
In Defense of Iran Nuclear Deal

a5.cover.france.gerard.araud.envoy.homeGérard Araud, France’s candid ambassador, admits that the recent nuclear deal with Iran isn’t perfect, but the seasoned Mideast expert says it’s still unprecedented achievement that shouldn’t be undermined. Read More 

People of World Influence

Ambassador Hill Reminisces
About ‘Life on the Frontlines’

a1.powi.dean.hill.homeFrom the Balkans to North Korea to Iraq, former U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill made a career out of being in the wrong places at the right times. Read More

Francis’s Foreign Policy

Pope Francis Comes to Washington,
Shining Light on Economic Inequality

a2.pope.francis.people.homeThrough egalitarian charm and an encyclical on climate change, Pope Francis’s papacy has brought renewed attention to the Vatican’s foreign policy agenda. Read More

United Nations

Global Development Baton
Passes from MDGs to SDGs

a3.mgd.sgd.united.nations.homeThis month, the United Nations convenes a major summit to adopt an ambitious post-2015 development agenda in the hopes of ushering in a new era of global progress — in part by learning from the past. Read More

Dutch Advances

From Tomatoes to Parkinson’s,
Dutch Innovation Inspires World

a4.dutch.reijtenbagh.homeMove over wooden shoes, windmills and tulips. These days, the Netherlands is more likely to grab headlines for sustainable tomatoes, self-healing cement and neurological rehabilitation. Read More

Incubator for Innovation

Halcyon Incubator Hopes
To Be Home to Next Great Idea the heart of Georgetown, the next great thinkers in social entrepreneurship are working, eating, breathing and sleeping under the same roof — a very nice roof at that. Read More

Digital Diplomacy Forum

Digital Diplomacy Coalition
Comes of Age, Goes Global

a7.digidiplomacy.ddc.homeA few short years after the Digital Diplomacy Coalition was formed in Washington as an informal group for diplomats to share best practices in social media, it has become both a local force and a global player. Read More


Too Slow or Too Sloppy? Medical
Devices Want Faster FDA Approval

a8.medical.fda.bldg62.exterior.homeNew legislation is highlighting the debate over medical devices and whether the FDA is taking too long to approve them. Read More