August 2018 Homepage

August 2018 Homepage
Cover Story

Warm Ties Between India, U.S.
Move Full Speed Ahead Under Trump


President Trump has made enemies out of allies and friends out of autocrats, but Indian Ambassador Navtej Sarna has the fortune of representing the world’s largest democracy on Embassy Row at a time of unusually warm — and refreshingly uncontroversial — ties between Washington and New Delhi. Read More

People of World Influence

Nonproliferation Expert Tierney:
More Nukes Means More Dangers

a1.powi.tierney.tank.homePresident Trump thinks the U.S. needs more and better nuclear weapons to counter growing geopolitical threats such as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. Former Congressman and longtime nonproliferation expert John Tierney says the last thing the U.S. needs is to tempt fate with another global arms race. Read More

Death Knell for WTO?

Trump’s Tariff War Threatens to
Kill Multilateral Trading System Trump has said he doesn’t plan to withdraw the United States from the World Trade Organization, but he has expressed disdain for the organization. Consequently, all the progress the United States has made toward keeping the WTO relevant in the 21st century has ground to a halt. Read More

Change in Africa

Historic Transitions In Ethiopia,
Zimbabwe Could Shake Up Africa across Africa are experiencing dramatic, historic change that stands in stark contrast to the clichéd portrayal of a continent hobbled by strongmen and sclerotic regimes. Perhaps nowhere is this seismic shift more apparent than in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. Read More

Power of the Purse

EU Seeks to Influence Hungary,
Poland Through Budget Funds’s the $1.5 trillion question. Can the European Union use its budget for 2021-27 to curb what many see as member states like Hungary and Poland riding roughshod over the rule of law, independent institutions and even democratic norms? Read More

Georgia’s Sad Anniversary

Georgia Marks 10th Anniversary
Of Painful War with Russia years after Georgia declared its independence from the crumbling U.S.S.R. and 10 years after Russian troops invaded the former Soviet republic, Georgia’s 3.9 million inhabitants still live in fear of their giant northern neighbor. Read More

American Summer

America Celebrates Summer With
Mix of Old World and New Traditions

a7.american.summer.garland.homeBecause the U.S. is a nation of immigrants, Americans also participate or watch as people who came here from other countries celebrate summer their way. Often, that involves a mixture of pagan and Christian rites to mark two dates — the summer solstice and the feast of St. John. Read More

Book Review

‘The Peacemakers’ Grapples with
Leadership Via Personal Examples“The Peacemakers: Leadership Lessons from Twentieth-Century Statesmanship” by Bruce W. Jentleson looks at statesmanship through the prism of 13 case studies from the 20th century and considers what lessons can be drawn from these examples for our current time. Read More

Nordic Vantage Point

Op-Ed: Norway Vows Consistency,
If Elected to U.N. Security Council years from now, five nonpermanent members of the U.N. Security Council will be elected for the two-year term of 2021-22. Norway is a candidate for one of those five seats. We hope to convince the world that we are a strong one. Read More