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August 2020 Homepage
Female solidarity is the logo of the three women — Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Veronika Tsepkalo and Maria Kolesnikova — who emerged to challenge President Alexander Lukashenko in the Aug. 9 election. Photo: By Babariko - https://.vision, Public Domain

Belarus: Change at Last?

Elections in Belarus — home to what is often referred to as Europe’s last dictatorship — are pretty much a foregone conclusion. But the presidential race on Aug. 9 has shaped up to be anything but predictable. Read More


European Union Hopes to Rise to the Challenge with ‘Next Generation’ Budget

With the head of its central bank predicting the worst economic downturn since World War II, a global pandemic raging and its second-largest economy about to completely depart, these are trying times — yet again — for the European Union. Read More

Middle East

UAE Hopes to Inspire Next Generation with Arab World’s First Mission to Mars

The UAE launched its Hope Probe to Mars in its quest to complete the country’s first interplanetary journey, a first for the Arab world. Read More

Transatlantic Alliance

Will NATO Still Be Relevant in the Future?

As NATO faces a barrage of criticism from President Trump, two former U.S. ambassadors have come to its defense. Read More

Climate Change

Gender Lens Is Needed to Fully Understand Climate Crisis, Experts Say

Although the effects of climate change are a threat to everyone, experts say the ramifications will not be felt equally. Read More

Arts and Advocacy

Chinese Artist, Humanitarian Groups Plead for Help for World’s Most Vulnerable During COVID-19

Famed Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei launched the MASK project to raise funds for humanitarian and emergency relief groups amid the pandemic. Read More

South Asia

Abdullah Stresses Importance of Inclusivity in Fragile Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks

After 19 years of fighting, peace talks between Afghan leaders and the Taliban are finally set to begin. Previous attempts to find a political settlement to end the U.S.-led war have gone nowhere, but with President Trump making an all-out push to get U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, his administration forged a deal with the Taliban earlier this year that paved the way for intra-Afghan talks to begin. Read More


Two Congressmen Say Easing U.S.-China Tensions May Require Cooperation

Is it too late to turn around U.S.-China relations, which are at their lowest point in history? Two congressmen hope that’s not the case. Read More

South Asia

Pakistani Envoy Talks Kashmir, Coronavirus

We caught up with Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan recently for our Global 360 webcast to get an update on the situation in Kashmir, which on Aug. 5 marked the one-year anniversary of the revocation of Article 370. Read More


Show Must Go On: Arena Stage Transitions to Virtual Events

Arena Stage’s docudrama “May 22, 2020” follows a day in the life of 10 locals from backgrounds and how they’re grappling with the reality of living through a pandemic. Read More


Coronavirus Forces Arts Organizations to Get Even More Creative

The pandemic has forced performing arts organizations to meet patrons where they are: at home. Read More