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US partnership helps UAE achieve soaring success in space

The United Arab Emirates’ space program has come a long way in a relatively short time, and last month, Emirati and U.S. officials celebrated the partnership and cooperation that have helped the UAE to accomplish all it has in space.

Colombian music in New Orleans, tall ship in Baltimore

A tall ship that is used to train Colombian sailors and serves as a floating embassy for the country called in the port of Baltimore last month, making a spectacular entrance to the Inner Harbor at sunrise on March 15 as dozens of naval cadets stood on the masts.

Diplomatic Spotlight March 14, 2024

Dominican Republic marks 180 years since 'El Trabucazo' Dominican Republic Ambassador Sonia Guzmán hosted diplomats and State Department officials at her residence in early March to celebrate the 180th anniversary

Diplomatic Spotlight, Feb. 23, 2024

Five U.S. lawmakers from both major parties pledged during a visit to Kyiv this month to stand with Ukraine as the country’s war approached the two-year mark, and paid their respects at the Wall of Remembrance to Ukrainians who have died fighting against Russian aggression.

UK ambassador inaugurates bright, bold mural trumpeting inclusivity

Commissioned by the British Embassy in D.C., and painted by Lisa Marie Thalhammer, the mural is part of the GREAT Love international campaign, which celebrates the world’s diverse and flourishing LGBTQ+ communities. The bright, bold art on the walls of D.C.’s Little Gay Pub is intended to make “everyone feel at home,” the U.K. Ambassador to Washington, Dame Karen Pierce, says.

Rwandan envoy praises women’s success, US relations

Rwandan Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana may be one of only around 30 women ambassadors in Washington, but in the East African country that she represents, women’s presence is felt on “every issue and corner of power,” she said at the Washington Diplomat’s Ambassador Insider Series last month.