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September 2018 Homepage
Cover Story

Military Junta in Thailand Promises
Elections While Consolidating Power


Ever since Thailand’s last military coup in 2014, the ruling junta has promised elections, only to repeatedly postpone them. But Thai Ambassador Virachai Plasai urges patience for his Southeast Asian nation as it looks for the “sweet spot” in adapting democracy to Thai culture. Read More

Last Soldier Standing

Defense Secretary Mattis Survives
Trump’s Purges with Mixed Record

a1.mattis.defense.homePAmid the daily drama of D.C.’s own version of “The Apprentice,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has quietly stood behind President Trump while trying to leave his mark on national security policies. Read More

Power of Energy

Russians to Increase Gas Flow
To Europe Via Nord Stream 2

a2.nord.stream2.welder.homeThe Nord Stream 2 pipeline could double the amount of gas that Russia supplies Germany, helping the continent meet its growing energy needs but potentially holding it hostage to the Kremlin. Read More

The War Over Water

A Parched Planet Could Ignite
More Conflict in Hotspots

a3.water.darfur.spicket.homeExperts warn that water scarcity, exacerbated by reduced rainfall due to climate change, could spark more instability and violence in some of the world’s most conflict-prone regions. Read More

Accelerating Social Change

At D.C. Business Incubator, Saudi
Women Startups Shatter Stereotypes

a4.saudi.women.labonclick.homeA group of 16 young women entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia came to the Halcyon Incubator in Washington D.C. recently to get their ventures off the ground while simutaneously breaking down stereotypes. Read More

Nordic Vantage Point

Op-Ed: A Low-Carbon Economic
Transition Is Both Possible, Profitable

a6.norway.electric.emissions.homeTechnological innovation and investment in low-emission solutions are already creating new opportunities for economic growth, new jobs, increased profit and a better future for our planet. Those who do not jump on the bandwagon risk losing out. Read More


Moderate Drinking in Middle Age
May Help to Protect Against Dementia

a7.medical.drinks.homeMiddle-age people who drink moderately may have a relatively lower risk of developing dementia later in life, researchers report. The study found that both heavier drinkers and abstainers had a higher dementia risk than moderate drinkers. Read More